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Five For Friday #20—Shorts
posted March 11, 2005

Recommend Five Comic Book Stories 16 Pages or Less

1. "Master Race," Bernard Krigstein and Al Feldstein
2. "Tear It Up, Terry Downe," Jaime Hernandez
3. "For the Love of Carmen," Gilbert Hernandez
4. "I Was Killing When Killing Wasn't Cool," Al Columbia
5. "Here," Richard McGuire


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Matt E.

"The Religious Experience Of Philip K. Dick," R. Crumb
"D.R. and Quinch Have Fun On Earth," Alan Moore and Alan Davis
"Sour Grapes," Pete Bagge
"Blue Italian Shit," Daniel Clowes
"Peeker," Jim Woodring


Alan David Doane

1. "Street Angel" by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca from the 2004 Slave Labor Free Comic Book Day comic
2. "Standing Behind Old Jewish Ladies in Supermarket Lines" by Harvey Pekar and R. Crumb
3. "Fistophobia" by Renee French
4. "The Thirteen Fingers" by Richard Sala
5. "It's Just So Cute" by Paul Hornschemeier


Marc Sobel

1) "A Glass of Water," Grant Morrison and Dave McKean from Phobias
2) "The Unbearable Tediousness of Being," R. Crumb from McSweeney's Quarterly #13
3) "Rules to Live By," Jason Lutes from Autobiographix
4) "The Spitzner Museum's Wax Woman," Andreas from Heavy Metal Taboo Special, Spring 2001
5) "Pink Frosting," Adrian Tomine from Optic Nerve #2


T Fraga

"The Punisher: Roots", by Garth Ennis & Joe Quesada (MARVEL KNIGHTS DOUBLE SHOT #1)
"Let's Give Fascism a Chance!" by Peter Bagge
Any one among the dozen short tales contained in "LE ROI DES MOUCHES VOL 1: HALLORAVE", by Mezzo & Pirus (2 of them reprinted in 2 Heavy Metal 2003 issues)
Masks, Too Hot for TV! Uncensored: "Redhawk-Costumed ", by Marc Andreyko & Richard Corben (Masks: Too Hot for TV #1)
The Eltingville Comic-Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club in "Bring Me The Head Of Boba Fett", by Evan Dorkin (Dork #6)


Steve Block

"Flies On The Ceiling" by J Hernandez
"Auld Lang Syne" by Eddie Campbell
"Witch" by Andi Watson
"Cartoonists On Cartooning" by Linda Medley
"Two Storms" by Glenn Dakin


Andrew Farago

1. "The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man," Amazing Spider-Man #248, Roger Stern, Ron Frenz & Brett Breeding
2. "The Big 'IF,'" by Harvey Kurtzman
3. "Where Has It Gone, the Beautiful Music of Our Grandparents?" by Robert Crumb
4. That American Splendor story where Harvey tries to steal records from his friend's radio station, but screws everything up
5. The Eightball story where the guy riding the subway fantasizes about what would happen if he and the other passengers were all stuck on a desert island together, by Dan Clowes


Domingos Isabelinho

"Sam" by John Porcellino
"The Bowing Machine" by Mark Beyer and Alan Moore
"The Most Obvious Question" by Lynda Barry
"Untitled" by Chester Brown (Yummy Fur # 31)
"Red Flowers" by Yoshiharu Tsuge


Chris Cilla

1. "A Disgusting Experience" by Joe Sacco (War Junkie)
2. "The Trumpets They Play" by Al Columbia (Blab!)
3. "Straight Up BJ & Da Dogs" by Ben Jones (Kramers Ergot)
4. "While You're Up, Get Me Some Smack" by Justin Green (Tuff Shit)
5. "Life In These United States" by Daniel Clowes & Peter Bagge (Weirdo)


Matthew Wanderski

1. "The Hannah Story," by Carol Tyler. Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 2, No. 1
2. "Magic Kingdom," by Carol Swain. Dirty Stories (Vol. 1)
3. "Once Upon a Time," by Trina Robbins. Deadspawn #4
4. "The Oak Sorrow," by Blanquet. (Reprinted in?) Blab! #11
5. "White Nightmare," by Moebius. Reprinted in H.P.'s Rock City


Milo George

"White Devil ... Yellow Devil" -- Robert Kanigher and Alex Toth
"Good Ol' Gregor Brown" -- R. Sikoryak
"Red Flowers" -- Yoshiharu Tsuge
"Blood of the Earth" -- Will Eisner
"Green Tea: Glenn Ganges Remix" -- Kevin Huizenga


Scott Grammel

Could too easily just relist previously named stories, but that'd be boring. The pickin's was gettin' slim, though. And I probably cheated by including the Eichorn/Dougan story, as it would most likely fall under non-fiction. If you want me to observe the unities, substitute "Kittens for Christian," by Jan Strnad and Richard Corben, for it. I'll lose all indy cred, but what the heck. In no particular order:

"Holidays in the Sun," Gilbert Hernandez
"Burma Sky," Archie Goodwin and Alex Toth
"Radioactive Child," Harvey Kurtzman
"The Goose and the Gander Were Talking One Night," Robert Crumb
"Dennis the Sullen Menace," Dennis Eichorn and Michael Dougan