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Five For Friday #54—Not Seeing It
posted November 4, 2005

Name Five Cartoonists You Just Don't Get

Presented by Sean T. Collins

1. Jessica Abel
2. Dylan Horrocks
3. James Kochalka
4. Tom Hart
5. George Herriman

This category is now closed. Thanks to all who participated.

Five cartoonists I just don't get

1. Gary Panter
2. James Kochalka
3. Ron Rege
4. Nicolas Robel
5. Johnny Hart


Jeffrey Meyer

"Don't Get" or just plain despise? Such a fine line...

1. Garry Trudeau -- The epitome of artificial sophistication. He's the Steven Soderbergh of comics. I'm sure NPR listeners love him.
2. Aaron McGruder -- Oh great, the Spike Lee of comics! Counting all that money would make me angry too. Keep it real!
3. Patrick McDonnell -- Might be interesting if I'd never seen the previous, oh, 100 years of newspaper strips. Vewy Pwecious.
4. Lynn Johnston -- This is what passes for "real" emotions in world full of soap-operas and suicide bombers? Your mother's comic strip.
5. Vaughn Bode -- What the hell is this shit? Lumpy wizards, pastel mushrooms, corpulent, horny dwarves? The fuck?

One more for good measure: Spain -- Greasers in leather jackets, hot rods and fistfights, sluts in panty hose, all drawn with the dull end of a stick = what exactly?


Michael J. Grabowski

Gary Panter
Henriette Valium
Rob Liefeld
Ted Rall
Dame Darcy


Dave Knott

* Ron Rege, Jr.
- In fact, I don't really understand the entire "cute brut" school of comics.
* Marc Bell
- Although maybe I just haven't read enough of him.
* David Chelsea
- I cannot make heads or tails of his recent work. Interesting to look at,
but impossible to read from a sequential arts perspective.
* Gary Panter
- An obviously talented artist who seems to deliberately hold back in order
to make his art look rough or "less professional". Jeffrey Brown is another
example of this.
* Brian Pulido
- Look, if I want porn from my comics, I'll buy some Milo Manara.


Nick Wyche

Cartoonists I Just Don't Get:

1. Brian Chippendale
2. Anders Nilsen
3. Renee French
4. Ashley Wood
5. Mat Brinkman


Rob Clough

1. Ben Jones
2. Roberta Gregory
3. James Kochalka
4. Steven "Ribs" Weissman
5. Johnny Ryan


Chris Duffy

1. Al Williamson
2. S. Clay Wilson
3. Mike Allred
4. Vaughn Bode
5. Jim Mahfood


Art Baxter

1. Al Capp
2. Walt Kelly
3. Jacques Tardi
4. Richard Sala
5. Ron Rege

I am totally tone deaf to these artists frequently beautiful work.


Dan Morris

Ben Katchor
Jeffrey Brown
Tom Beland
Carla Speed McNeil
Rich Tommaso


Ralf Haring

Kyle Baker
Berke Breathed
Dave McKean
Carla Speed McNeil
Bart Sears


Jeff Lester

Here's the five cartoonists I just don't get:

1) Frank Stack
2) Rob Liefeld
3) Rick Altergott
4) Hunt Emerson
5) Alex Ross, kinda. Isn't it pretty much the same six pages over and over?


Derik A. Badman

Five Cartoonists I just don't get:

1. Jack Kirby
2. Gary Panter
3. Robert Crumb
4. Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (Asterix)
5. Fort Thunder (in general)


Peter MacDonald

Aaron McGruder
Ted Rall
Lynn Johnston
Frank Cho
Mario Hernandez


Mark Spedding

Apologies if I've followed the wrong link and this email clutters up your inbox. My five are

Garry Trudeau
James Kochalka
Victor Moscoso
Simon Bisley
Glenn Fabry


Alan David Doane

Here are five cartoonists I can't read even if I try real hard.

1. Jennifer Daydreamer -- Harmless, but every story I've read leaves me wondering why anyone but her needs to read them.
2. Andy Runton -- I get the appeal for anyone under 10, but am mystified by the adoration adults lay at his doorstep. I can't even ready all the way through one of his stories, and I've tried numerous time.
3. Marc Bell -- A nice ink line, but too far removed from the boundaries of my perception to be readable to me.
4. Danny Hellman -- A dead ink line, a bitter spirit I interpret as a self-recognition of an utter lack of talent, and a toxic effect on the greater community of fans and creators. More than anyone else, Hellman is a cancer that should be excised from comics.
5. Doug TenNapel -- Contemptible co-opting of the style of Will Eisner and others in a transparent attempt to bring Jesus to the heathen comics masses. Fuck 'im.