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CR’s Nearly Every Issue of Strikeforce: Morituri Comic Book Giveaway 2006!
posted December 17, 2006

imageWhen most comics collectors find doubles of every issue of the groundbreaking, superheroes-as- military-cannon- fodder opus Strikeforce: Morituri and its follow-up Strikeforce: Morituri Electric Undertow except for issue #31 of the first series, they a) trade them in for shiny objects at their local superhero emporium, b) spend the afternoon walking around the neighborhood wondering if this is really the life they once intended on leading.

Not your friends at The Comics Reporter! We want to give away these fine, four-color efforts from 1980s writing mainstay Peter B. Gillis, a young Brent Anderson and assorted others we can't remember without the comics in front of us. And we want to give them away to you.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and we'll put you in the drawing. Contest open until 12:00 AM December 30. The winner will be announced on January 2.

Good luck, and to those who are about to enter, we salute you!

P.S. -- All kidding aside, I remember this being a fun comic book back in the day, and likely influential in its life and death, high concept, ready for the movies set-up (soldiers taking on superpowers knowing it will greatly shorten their lifespan) and its general focus on superhero types over established icons or close copies of same. Hey, it's not like we're giving away both sets. And, just to re-emphasize: free.