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Welcome To Nerd Vegas: A Guide To Visiting Comic-Con International 2014 (The Placeholder Edition) (5/25/14)
The Comics Reporter Planned Convention And Festival Schedule For 2014 (1/15/14)
The Comics Reporter Group-Facilitated Reconsideration List, 2013 (10/20/13)
Comic-Con Coping Guide 2013—180 Tips To Survive And Thrive San Diego Con Weekend! (5/30/13)
Photos From The Matt Fraction Hawkguy Sandy-Relief Signing At House Of Secrets In Burbank (1/31/13)
The Comics Reporter’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2012 (11/27/12)
Where You Can Find The Comics Reporter During This Week’s NYCC (10/10/12)
Welcome To Nerd Vegas: A Guide To Visiting Comic-Con International 2013 (The Placeholder Edition) (9/3/12)
Photos I Can’t ID From ECCC 2012 And SDCC 2012 (7/30/12)
The Collected Notes From The Floor Of San Diego’s Comic-Con International, 2012 Version (7/22/12)
Comic-Con 2012 Comics Programming In Brief (6/28/12)
Comic-Con By The Numbers: 170+ Tips For Attending San Diego’s Comic-Con International 2012! (5/29/12)
Resources: Larger Image Of The College Street Spread From Michael Cho’s Interview (4/22/12)
Welcome To Nerd Vegas: A Guide To Visiting Comic-Con International 2012 (The Placeholder Edition) (9/5/11)
Comic-Con By The Numbers: 150+ Tips For Attending San Diego’s CCI 2011! (6/13/11)
Photos: A Brief Visit To Dan Wright’s Studio (10/24/10)
Alan Moore On Watchmen Rights, DC (9/10/10)
Welcome To Nerd Vegas: A Guide To Visiting Comic-Con International 2011 (The Placeholder Edition) (9/6/10)
My CCI 2010 Comics-Panel Cheat List (7/8/10)
Comic-Con By The Numbers: 135+ Tips For Attending San Diego’s CCI 2010! (6/19/10)
That Chris Ware Poster From The 2010 Copenhagen Festival (5/20/10)
In The Shadow Of No Towers Last Page In Two Halfs At Readable Size (12/29/09)
Here Are The Cartoonists And Comics-Related Folk For Whom We Currently Have Birthdates (12/27/09)
TCJ Subscriber Letter (Big) (10/27/09)
Art for Ng Suat Tong Article On Writers and Artists At Full Size (9/7/09)
Nerd Vegas: A Guide to Visiting Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2010 (Placeholder Edition)! (9/7/09)
Asterios Polyp Art From CR Sunday Feature At Larger, Easier to See Sizes (8/8/09)
Marvel Strange Tales Preview Pages At The Size They Were Sent Me (8/6/09)
I Just Wanted To Have A Scan Of This On-Line Somewhere Before I Threw It Away (3/9/09)
Tom Spurgeon, Five-Year-Old Superhero Art Prodigy Super-Genius (12/30/08)
CR Sunday Feature: The 50 Things That Every Comics Collection Truly Needs (9/28/08)
CBR: DC Comics Ends Minx Imprint (9/25/08)
Nerd Vegas: A Guide to Visiting Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2009 (Placeholder Edition)! (9/1/08)
CR Sunday Preview: Gilbert Shelton’s New Comic (730 pixels wide) (8/3/08)
Has The Comics Industry Really Done All That Well During Legitimate Recessions? (7/25/08)
Michael Jantze Remembers Creig Flessel (1912-2008) (7/21/08)
Andrew Farago Remembers Creig Flessel (1912-2008) (7/21/08)
So Why Were The X-Men Popular? (6/26/08)
Are Joe Samachson and Joe Certa As Nearly Well Known As They Should Be? (5/29/08)
Nerd Vegas: A Guide to Visiting and Enjoying CCI in San Diego, 2008! (Final Version) (5/27/08)
CR Preview: The Explainers (5/24/08)
Another Way I Depress Myself Into Staying Up Even Though It’s 2:00 AM (5/23/08)
Will Rising Gas Costs Have A Dramatic Effect On The 2009 Convention Season? (5/22/08)
The Greatest Comic Character Of All Time Is J. Wellington Wimpy (5/15/08)
A Thought Or Two On The Notion Of Comic Books Costing Too Darn Much (5/12/08)
Not Comics: Random Thoughts On The $100 Million Weekend By Iron Man (5/5/08)
CR Preview: The Explainers (5/4/08)
Will Dinski Art at 800 Pixels Wide (4/29/08)
The Best Of 2007 (3/23/08)
CR Preview: Hall of Best Knowledge (3/2/08)
CR Preview: Haunted, by Philippe Dupuy (2/3/08)
A Response To Brian Hibbs on the Issue of ComicsPRO’s Position Paper on Convention Sales (1/21/08)
Kurt Busiek Hate You Sequence (1/1/08)
The CR Holiday Shopping Guide 2007 (11/25/07)
Five Positive Stories About Comics (10/28/07)
What We Talk About When We Talk About Superheroes and the Sales Charts (10/23/07)
Do Cartoonists Have Too Much Power? (10/22/07)
Are Superhero Comics Near Exhaustion? (10/18/07)
Family Values Don’t Extend to Credit (10/9/07)
The Entirety of My Thoughts on the State of Comics Industry Journalism (10/8/07)
The Entirety of My Thoughts on Using DM Sales Estimates For Focused Analysis (10/2/07)
On Jyllands-Posten and Free Speech Stuntwork (10/2/07)
Why Comic Shops Still Matter, Or At Least Why They Should (9/10/07)
Nerd Vegas: A Guide to Visiting Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2008 (Placeholder Edition)! (8/31/07)
Jack Kirby, The King of Comics, Would Have Been 90 Years Old Today (8/27/07)
Those Five New Hickee V.3 #3 Pages Blown Up Full Size (7/13/07)
CCI’s Con Programming, Reduced to Comics Offerings (7/8/07)
My 2007 Comic-Con International Panel Schedule (Tentative) (6/27/07)
Welcome to Nerd Vegas: Comic-Con Guide, The Short Form (5/27/07)
Welcome to Nerd Vegas: Comic-Con Guide, The Update (5/27/07)
Five Industry Changes (5/27/07)
All Hail The Original Comics Reporter (5/11/07)
A Few Recommendations for 2007 Lulu Awards Voting (5/1/07)
My Crappy Photo of King Features Comics Editor Brendan Burford (4/24/07)
“It’s Not Nice to Fool Jay Kennedy,” By Patrick Rosenkranz (3/25/07)
Jay Kennedy as an Editor (3/25/07)
Collective Memory: NYCC 2007 (2/25/07)
Collective Memory: Best Books of 2006 (1/1/07)
CR’s Nearly Every Issue of Strikeforce: Morituri Comic Book Giveaway 2006! (12/17/06)
Preview Of the Cover Imagery for CCS’ First Graphic Novel (12/16/06)
A Preview Of Beasts! (11/26/06)
CR Holiday Shopping Guide 2006 (11/25/06)
Preview—Brian Chippendale and Julie Doucet Book Launch 11-15 (11/12/06)
What I Enjoyed About Ode To Kirihito (10/28/06)
A Few Words About Brian Ralph And His New Book, Daybreak (10/22/06)
Preview—Monster Parade #1 (9/23/06)
Shelton #3 (9/3/06)
Five For Friday #91—Things to Come (9/1/06)
Five For Friday #90—The Dishonor Roll (8/25/06)
Five For Friday #89—Vacation (8/18/06)
Five For Friday #88—Showcase (8/11/06)
Five For Friday #87—High Concept (8/4/06)
Preview—Project: Romantic (7/29/06)
Five For Friday #86—The Usual Gang of Idiots (7/27/06)
Five For Friday #85—Comic Plus Other Equals Memory (7/21/06)
My 2006 Comic-Con International Panel Schedule (7/16/06)
Five For Friday #84—Can I Borrow That? (7/14/06)
BC Lunatic Strip (7/12/06)
Welcome to Nerd Vegas: A Guide to Visiting and Enjoying Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2006! (7/11/06)
Preview of Wunderground: Providence, 1995 to the Present (335 pixels wide) (7/8/06)
Preview of Wunderground: Providence, 1995 to the Present (900 pixels wide) (7/8/06)
Five For Friday #83—The Talkers (7/7/06)
CCI Indy/Arts Comics Programming (7/6/06)
CCI Comics-Only Programming (7/6/06)
Five For Friday #82—Count ‘Em Up (6/29/06)
Preview—The Mother’s Mouth (6/24/06)
Five For Friday #81—Crafty (6/23/06)
Five For Friday #80—Things On My Desk (6/16/06)
Notes on MoCCA Art Festival 2006 (6/12/06)
Five For Friday #79—And The Livin’ Is Easy (6/8/06)
Five For Friday #78—Bif Bam Pow (6/1/06)
Five For Friday #77—Didn’t Finish What I Started (5/26/06)
Preview: Art Out Of Time, Dan Nadel (5/20/06)
Five For Friday #76—From My Cold Dead Hands (5/19/06)
Regarding Anne Cleveland… (5/19/06)
Five For Friday #75—Numbers, Numbers, Numbers (5/11/06)
Five For Friday #74—Money Money Money (5/5/06)
On The Mid-Ohio Con Incident (5/4/06)
Five For Friday #73—Let’s You and Him Fight (4/28/06)
Five For Friday #72—Not Comics (4/21/06)
Five For Friday #71—When You Were A Tender and Callow Fellow (4/14/06)
Five For Friday #70—U Got The Look (4/7/06)
Five For Friday #69—Let the Con Season Begin (3/31/06)
Shelton Covers (3/30/06)
Five For Friday #68 (Special Saturday Edition)—Cancellation Blues (3/25/06)
The Comics Reporter’s Top 50 Comics for the Year 2005 (3/18/06)
Five For Friday #67—The Joy of Discovery (3/17/06)
Preview of Sex, Rock and Optical Illusions by Victor Moscoso (3/11/06)
Five For Friday—Surface Attraction (3/9/06)
A Preview of Beasts and Priests, by Jim Blanchard (3/4/06)
Five For Friday #66—‘Fess Up (3/3/06)
A Preview of the Next Volume of Mome and an Interview with Co-Editor Eric Reynolds (2/25/06)
Five For Friday #65—Page Two (2/24/06)
Preview: Crickets #1 (2/18/06)
Five For Friday #64—Talking the Talk (2/17/06)
Five For Friday #63—Appreciate (2/10/06)
My Initial Thoughts on the Danish Prophet Cartoons Controversy (2/6/06)
Preview: Billy Hazelnuts (2/4/06)
Five For Friday #62—Cover Songs (2/3/06)
The Five Worst “Gateway Comics” (1/28/06)
Preview: Phaidon’s Jean-Jacques Sempe Books (1/28/06)
Five For Friday #61—Snapshot III (1/27/06)
Five For Friday #60—Anticipation (1/20/06)
A Short Preview of Meow, Baby! by Jason (1/15/06)
Five For Friday #59—New Year’s Wishes (12/30/05)
Let’s You and Him Fight: Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture Day Five (12/16/05)
Let’s You and Him Fight: Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture Day Four (12/15/05)
Let’s You and Him Fight: Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture Day Three (12/14/05)
Let’s You and Him Fight: Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture Day Two (12/13/05)
Let’s You and Him Fight: Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture Day One (12/12/05)
Five For Friday #59—Quote Me (12/9/05)
An Interview with Joe Casey (12/4/05)
Five For Friday #58—Stripping (12/2/05)
My Response to Brian Hibbs On Issues Raised by the RRP Summit (11/27/05)
Comics Reporter’s Black Friday and Beyond Shopping Advice For Sophisticated Comics Fans 2005 (11/25/05)
Five For Friday #57—What I Really Want For Christmas (11/25/05)
Five For Friday #56—Link-a-Rama (11/18/05)
Let’s You and Him Fight: Alternative Comics—An Emerging Literature (11/14/05)
Five For Friday #55—Trademarks (11/11/05)
Five For Friday #54—Not Seeing It (11/4/05)
Five For Friday #53—Trick Or Treat (10/28/05)
Five For Friday #52—Meta (10/21/05)
Jyllands-Posten’s Prophet Cartoons (10/19/05)
Five For Friday #51—Potpourri (10/14/05)
Five For Friday #50—Surface Beauty (10/7/05)
Five For Friday #49—Men Behind Desks (9/30/05)
Answer To Today’s Question (9/28/05)
Collective Memory: Small Press Expo 2005 (9/26/05)
Five For Friday #48—All the Other Stuff (9/23/05)
Five For Friday #47—Draft Choices (9/16/05)
Five For Friday #46—Kings of Comedy (9/9/05)
NY Comic-Con Press Release PDF (9/5/05)
Five For Friday #45—Soundtrack (9/2/05)
Gil Thorp Book Flier (9/1/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05 #8—Webcomics Models Still Up For Grabs? (8/28/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05—Pressures on Editorial Cartoonists (8/27/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05 #6—Catching Up to Manga (8/26/05)
Five For Friday #44—Dream Bullpen (8/26/05)
Security (8/25/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05 #5—Books-With-Spines Bonanza (8/25/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05 #4—The Return of Alt-Comix? (8/24/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05 #3—The Continuing Weirdness of Marvel Vs. DC (8/23/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05 #2—The Gordon Lee Case Goes To Trial (8/22/05)
Eight Stories for ‘05 #1—The Publication of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (8/21/05)
Five For Friday #43—It’s a Sad, Sad Situation (8/19/05)
Five For Friday #42—Desert Island Gag, Minus the Gag (8/12/05)
Collective Memory: WizardWorld Chicago ‘05 (8/8/05)
A Short Interview With Michael Kupperman (8/7/05)
Five For Friday #41—Fly On The Wall (8/5/05)
The New Playing Field (7/31/05)
Collective Memory: Jim Aparo (7/31/05)
Five For Friday #40—Recommend Five Titles for CR Reader Tim Buck (7/29/05)
Buzz From the No-Buzz Con (7/24/05)
Ten Observations About the Fantastic Four Movie (7/24/05)
Five For Friday #39—I Still Think of You, My Funnybook (7/22/05)
What I Bought In San Diego (7/20/05)
Collective Memory: Comic-Con International 2005 (7/20/05)
My Eisner Awards Diary: 2005 (7/19/05)
Five For Friday #38—The Scales Fall From Your Eyes (7/15/05)
Five For Friday #37—The Early Shopping Experience (7/8/05)
My 2005 San Diego Panel Schedule (7/3/05)
Five For Friday #36—You Just Don’t Understand (7/1/05)
A Map of One Section of the 2006 CCI Exhibition Floor, With Names of Exhibitors (6/26/05)
12 Places You Should Know In Downtown San Diego (6/26/05)
Five For Friday #35—Kids’ Books by Cartoonists (6/24/05)
Five For Friday #34—Anthologies (6/17/05)
Five For Friday #33—Hazy Memories (6/10/05)
Adrian Tomine NY Sketches Cover (6/9/05)
Five For Friday #32—Filth (6/3/05)
A Brief Guide to the Fantastic Four On-Line (5/29/05)
Five For Friday #31—Looking Toward the Future (5/27/05)
To Steve Bissette on the Creator Bill of Rights as a Rhetorical Tool (5/22/05)
Darby Conley Strip 5/13 That Has Led to Lawsuit (5/20/05)
Five For Friday #30—Firmly in the Present (5/20/05)
A Few Notes on Wider Internet Discussion About Late Books (5/15/05)
Not Comics: Ten Reasons I May Not See Star Wars III—Revenge of the Sith (5/15/05)
A Few Observations about Magic Johnson’s Fantastic Four Commercial (5/15/05)
Five For Friday #29—Wallowing in Nostalgia (5/13/05)
Still to Come in 2005 (5/8/05)
Five For Friday #28—Snapshot II (5/6/05)
Five For Friday #27—Single-Panel Cartoonists (4/29/05)
Marjane Satrapi On-Line (4/24/05)
Five For Friday #26—Comics’ Deep Bench (4/22/05)
Five For Friday #25—Jordan Raphael Special: Quarter-Bin Finds (4/15/05)
Initial Thoughts on the Eisners (4/14/05)
Five For Friday #24—Convention Special: Friendly Faces (4/8/05)
Frank Miller On-Line (4/3/05)
Five For Friday #23—Sidekicks (4/1/05)
Personal Preview: Outlaws, Rebels, Freethinkers & Pirates: Essays on Cartoons and Cartoonists (3/25/05)
Five For Friday #22—Favorite Characters, Different Ages (3/25/05)
J. Chris Campbell Preview: Zig Zag #1 (3/24/05)
1000 Things to Like About Comics (3/23/05)
Dylan Horrocks Preview Three: “Oscar Saves the Day” (3/22/05)
Dylan Horrocks Preview Two: “Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen” (3/22/05)
Dylan Horrocks Preview One: Atlas #2 (3/22/05)
Short Chat With Cartoonist Alex Robinson (3/21/05)
A Great First Step—a Short Note on the Eisners and Webcomics (3/20/05)
Five For Friday #21—Not-Modern-At-All Superheroes (3/18/05)
Ten Comics, Ten Memories (3/13/05)
Five For Friday #20—Shorts (3/11/05)
Faster, More Powerful, Able (3/6/05)
Five For Friday #19—Places We Buy (3/4/05)
A Few Words on the Latest Round of Bookstore/Comic Shop Chatter (2/27/05)
Five For Friday #18—Home State Pride (2/25/05)
The Mystery of the Secret Message (2/21/05)
Three Thoughts (2/20/05)
Five For Friday #17—Not-Quite-as-Modern Superheroes (2/18/05)
Why We Must Support Gordon Lee (2/13/05)
Mark Siegel’s Spy Report From Angouleme 2005 (2/13/05)
Five For Friday #16: Modern Superheroes (2/11/05)
Thoughts on the Year Thus Far (2/6/05)
Five for Friday #15: Minis (2/4/05)
Let’s Hear It For the Comic Book—Random Thoughts For a More Considerable Essay Later On (1/30/05)
Five for Friday #14: Kids (1/28/05)
The Key to the Stan Lee Case, At Least for Me (1/23/05)
Opinion from Judge Robert W Sweet Re: Stan Lee Against Marvel Enterprises and Marvel Characters (1/21/05)
Five for Friday #13: Manga/Pulp (1/21/05)
A Top 40 For 2004 (1/16/05)
Five for Friday #12: Euro-Comics (1/14/05)
Will Eisner Remembered Within the Comics Industry, the American Press and Around The Globe (1/11/05)
Five for Friday #11: Humor (1/7/05)
A Baker’s Dozen of Important News Stories, 2004 (1/2/05)
Jack Kirby Tribute (12/31/04)
Five For Friday #10: Op-Ed (12/31/04)
False Starts (12/26/04)
Five for Friday #9: Horror (12/24/04)
Still Working Hard: Catching Up With Cartoonist Tom Hart (12/19/04)
Five For Friday #8: Adaptation (12/17/04)
Right War, Wrong Front: Initial Thoughts on Newspaper Strips Vs. Strip-style Webcomix (12/12/04)
Five for Friday #6: Genre (12/10/04)
False Starts (12/5/04)
Notes on PW 2004 Graphic Novels List (11/28/04)
Ultimate The Comics Reporter’s Top 100 Comics Works of the 20th Century List—Now With Rankings! (11/28/04)
Comics Reporter’s Black Friday and Beyond Shopping Advice For Sophisticated Comics Fans 2004 (11/26/04)
Five For Friday #5: Alt-Comics (11/26/04)
Highwater Books—An Appreciation (11/21/04)
Five For Friday #4: The King (11/19/04)
Some Thoughts Outside the Comics Shop, Waiting For It to Open (11/14/04)
Five For Friday #3: Changing Comics (11/12/04)
Why Don’t We Talk Anymore? (11/7/04)
Five For Friday #2: Non-Comics Readers (11/5/04)
CR’s Halloween Special: Brief Notes on Horror Comics, Art Comics, and Their Intersection (10/31/04)
Five For Friday #1: Snapshot (10/29/04)
The Comics Reporter’s Top 100 Comics Works of the 20th Century (10/24/04)
X-Men Neither Advance Nor Retreat; They Run in Circles (10/10/04)
Ed Brubaker Bibliography (8/30/04)
Selected Ed Brubaker Bibliography (8/30/04)
First Draft of Hulk Op-Ed Done to Promote Stan Lee Biography (7/1/04)
WHO AM I? (6/13/04)
Fort Thunder Forever (12/31/03)
A Brian Ralph Bibliography (12/31/03)
Fort Thunder Footnotes (12/31/03)
Tribute to Jack Kirby, On the 10th Anniversary of His Passing (12/31/03)
Mat Brinkman Bibliography (10/30/03)
Mat Brinkman Bibliography (9/30/03)
Op-Ed on Incredible Hulk Movie (5/30/03)
Playing Ricky Morton (12/31/02)
Revisiting Wildwood (1999-2002) (12/31/02)
zine cover (8/19/02)
The Day Murray Soltinoff Died (12/31/01)
My Articles at (1999-2001) (12/31/01)
Article Draft About Johnny Hart (12/31/01)
Second of Two Essays for Expo 2000 (12/31/00)
Essay: First of Two Essays for Expo 2000 (12/31/00)
You Can Lead a Messiah to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Walk (12/31/00)
Tribute to Carl Barks (12/31/00)
Tribute to Carl Barks (9/30/00)
Old Photo (8/21/00)
neely test (7/18/00)
Comics Made Me Fat (12/31/99)
Best of 1999 (12/31/99)
Cleaning House: The Eisners, The Harveys, The Ignatzes and The Rest (7/8/99)
TCJ On-Line Essay About Various Comics Awards (7/8/99)
Lyle Forg Sketchbook (6/17/99)
Big San Diego Map (5/8/99)
Spurgeon’s Law (8/11/98)
TCJ On-Line Essay About Going on Hiatus (4/30/98)
Gutter Talk: Hiatus Essay (4/13/98)
Gutter Talk: Notes From the Road (12/21/97)
TCJ On-Line Essay About Being on the Road (12/21/97)
Comics For Kids (10/26/97)
TCJ On-Line Essay on Comics For Kids (10/26/97)
Gutter Talk: On Writing (10/12/97)
TCJ On-Line Essay About Writing (10/12/97)
Gutter Talk: Introduction (9/28/97)
TCJ On-Line Introductory Essay (9/28/97)
Worst Head Shot Ever (8/30/97)
Witness at the Marvelution (12/31/95)
The Chicago Theater Rule Of Minimal Standards When It Comes To Reviews (3/28/95)
NHS 1987 + 25 Reunion: October 6, 2012 (6/1/87)