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posted March 10, 2008


Creator: Joe Kuth
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini-Comic, 12 pages, 2008, no price
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imageThis is a kind of comic I like quite a bit, a crudely constructed mini featuring a short yet vibrant story that would feel horribly out of place in a more considered or elaborately constructed context. The story such as it is features a bird that seizes a worm and ends up fighting a much bigger bird for that worm; the worm is forgotten in the course of the fight -- but is, however, still dead. The birds both look like cut-outs and the panels appear as if they were drawn right on the page with a blue crayon in roughly the same shade as the cover. Kuth heightens the reader's visual interest by toying with partial reveals of his central figures. On the best page the tiny slivers of bird in each panel further while a portrait of the entire bird comes together behind the pages, one of those great dual images which comics does so well and that forces the reader into a secondary consideration of that portion of the story. This is slight work by choice, presented without apology; I would be very happy if this were the caliber of mini-comic for which I traded at a convention.