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doodle daze
posted August 18, 2008

Creator: Rina Ayuyang
Publishing Information: self-published, mini-comic, 56 pages, 2007, $3
Ordering Numbers: go here

I very much liked this small mini-comic of random drawings culled from the sketchbooks of Rina Ayuyang. Ayuyang draws lovely clutter, both in terms of where it exists in the real world and in terms of placing a bunch of related experiences within the same mental/comics space for our consideration. She labels and describes some of it, using an amusing voice that is at once chirpy presentation and sly, undercutting remark. Other pages are "silent" for the most part, and it's the density of the writing that begins to control our eye. Words push us through some of the experiences while the lack of same sets us adrift for a moment. It's a nice effect. I'm not certain this would work in any other format: these are definitely sketchbook drawings and the casual nature of the page matches the drift of the mental prcess that assembled this work. The observations stay near the surface and although there is a certain lyric quality to an idea or two that bubbles to the surface, the banality of the everyday life moments represented puts a lot of pressure on a quality of the presenation that I think includes its homemade aspects. It's a valuable snapshot of a life in process, although it's much less of a crystal clear photograph than something blurry made with a child's instamatic or even the shadows cast in a homemade container-camera.