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The Good Samaritan
posted September 7, 2005


Creator: Shawn Cheng
Publishing Info: Mini-Comic, $5, 32 pages,
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This is a small mini-comic sent to me as part of a big package of handmade comics frmo Partyka USA -- you can find a preview and ordering information here. It's a straightforward fable presented in a combination of silkscreen and Xerox. The point of the fable is "beware good intentions," which is hardly the most profound or original statement. In addition, this is a thin narrative even at 32 pages. But Cheng's work pleases because the way the moral plays out really is deeply horrifying in a very funny way, and the way his characters are designed and move proves fun to scope out while you're getting there. These are also very pretty comics; this one reminded me of 1950-60s joke books of the kind that I used to get as a kid, ones that would tell a whole series of jokes about fruit, decorated in primary shapes and colors.