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posted February 17, 2006



Creators: Matt Wiegle
Publishing Information: Mini-Comic, PARTYKA, 12 pages, $1
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This is pretty much a model mini-comic. The idea (comics about underpants) is slight enough to serve the thin volume without leaving the reader wanting more on the subject, the art by Matt Wiegle is quirky and accomplished, a significant percentage of the jokes (I like the first one above a lot) are funny, the cover (click through the art above for a peek) is attractive, and it offer ups a variety of material (one-panels, extended sequence, sketchbook stuff). Of the basic thrills readers get from minis about the only thing Underpanting can be accused of is being overly professional. There's neither the shocking discovery of a new talent, nor the thought that you're seeing someone really going balls out to the moon in a way you've never seen before. But those aren't really criticisms as much as caveats. If all mini-comics were at this basic level of quality, I could go for months without reading another kind of comic.