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Dan Merritt on Jane Irwin at Green Brain Comics 9/29 (PR)
posted September 25, 2007

Green Brain Comics is happy to announce a signing with Kalamazoo's Jane Irwin and the debut of her new graphic novel "Vogelein: Old Ghosts", the sequel to Jane Irwin's first graphic novel "Vogelein: Clockwork Faerie".

On Saturday September 29th at Green Brain Comics, Jane Irwin brings a pile of the freshly printed graphic novel "Vogelein: Old Ghosts" to the store for a special signing/release party!

"Jane Irwin has spun an urban faerie tale with a rich and tragic past." says Green Brain Comic's event coordinator Dan Merritt, "Each scene is a glimpse into the history of a three hundred year old clockwork faerie using Jane's evocative art and writing skills as the divining pool."

Vogelein is the story of a clockwork faerie come to life. She was completed and first wound in 1671, though it took her creator, Heinrich Uhrmacher, over thirty years to finish crafting her. She remains “alive” as long as she is wound each day, and remembers everything she has ever seen or heard as long as she doesn’t wind down. If she does, she begins to lose her memories, starting with the most recent, and continuing to her earliest recollections – the longer she remains stopped, the more she loses.

Come by for the release of "Vogelein: Old Ghosts" with a book signing with Jane Irwin at 6pm, and stick around for the party. Green Brain has extended hours this evening only with a special comic jam going on until 9pm. Join in and add the next story panel to improvised comic pages.

Green Brain Comics is located in Dearborn, at 13210 Michigan Ave. 3 blocks east of Schaefer Rd. in the East Dearborn Downtown District.