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Dan Piraro on Forthcoming Appearances (PR)
posted September 25, 2007

Hello again, this is one of my very rare mass emails to friends and readers of Bizarro. I'm going to be doing a bunch of stuff in the San Fran Bay Area next weekend and wanted to tell you about it. Hope to see some (or ALL) of you there. I promise to be delightful, funny, friendly, and to wear pants this time.

Thanks and things,


Friday, Sept 28
House Party with special guest Dan Piraro. Dan will be performing comedy and asking for donations to benefit the East Bay Animal Advocates.

7-7:40pm Mingle, background music, eat and drink, talk to Dan.
7:40-8:00pm EBAA talk & video (Christine Morrissey, E.D.)
8pm-8:30pm (or 8:00-8:45pm) Stand-up comedy from Dan Piraro
8:30-9pm (or 8:45pm-9:30pm) Dan signs/sells books, collects donations, mingles, sneaks outside for a big stinky Cuban cigar.

345 Haddon Road, Oakland, CA 94606
Admission is free, limited space-RSVP required, donations will be solicited
For RSVPS phone: 925-487-4419 or email:


Saturday, Sept 29
World Vegetarian Day Festival
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco County Fair Building @ 9th Ave & Lincoln

Celebrity Guest Dan Piraro performs his one-hour multi-media infocomedyextravaganza in the auditorium at 5:15pm. Afterward, he will be signing and selling books, drawing pictures, taking pictures, being in pictures, answering questions, etc.



Sunday, Sept 30
Charles M. Schulz Museum
2301 Hardies Ln., Santa Rosa, CA

1 PM to 3PM, Dan will be hanging around the museum as their "Guest Cartoonist," drawing pictures, selling/signing books, talking to people, taking pics, being in pics, flossing his teeth, exuding a welcoming air, etc.

For info and directions: