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Kim Thompson on Future Jason Books
posted October 1, 2007

Tom Spurgeon is correct, with the release of The Last Musketeer in January we'll have caught up to all of Jason's major and current work. This leaves only his very first graphic novel, Lomma Full Av Regn (a non-funny-animal thriller) and Mitt Liv Som Zombie, a compendium of early work and a handful of miscellaneous mid-period shorts -- which we'll be mashing together into one "early days of Jason" collection titled Pocket Full of Rain and Other Stories. (Jason collectors will need to pick up the Norwegian edition of Zombie, however, since Jason has excised a number of pieces for the U.S. edition.)

Jason's next project after Musketeer is his New York Times Sunday Magazine serial, which he's actually finished and which I've read and which is as always great, although I'm not sure I can reveal anything about it. After that... even I don't know.