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Evan Dorkin on Manga Adaptations David Welsh Would Like To See
posted May 29, 2008

Tezuka's Princess Knight was made available in English via the Kodansha Bilingual Comics series. Six volumes were published, they're not exactly pretty editions -- as with all the releases in this series the comics are printed with language notes and are a little text book-ish in presentation. Still, for some series (Gegege No Kitaro, Princess Knight, Sazae-San, etc) these are apparently the only English versions available.

Volume one is listed here on Amazon.

Volume 2 is also listed. Unfortunately both are only listed as available through secondary sellers, starting at around $50, and there are only a few copies available at that. Ouch. There's always Amazon Japan, but the shipping is rough. It really would be great if someone brought this series over. And Kitaro, for that matter. One can hope.