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Ellen S. Abramowitz On The Welcome To MoCCA Festival 2009 (PR, Sort Of)
posted June 2, 2009

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is proud to welcome you to MoCCA Art Festival 2009!

As Chairman of MoCCA, it is wonderful to be a part of the excitement surrounding this year's festival. From an avid comic reader in summer camp too many years ago to now being the Chairman, I can tell you first-hand that there is so much to love and learn about the world of comic and cartoon art.

Our walls and minds have been visited this year by Richie Rich and Wendy the Good Little Witch; The Art of Harvey Comics; The Art of Watchmen; New York Artist Showcase: Ryan Dunleavy; Kim Deitch: A Retrospective; and Sounds and Pauses: The Comics of David Mazzucchelli to name but a few. We have hosted lively and entertaining Thursday night discussions with names like such as Jerry Beck, John Canemaker, Chris Claremont, Arie Kaplan and Peter Sanderson. This fall we will be visited by the world of Archie Comics.

I am proud to say that The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art now ranks as one of the most vibrant of its kind in the nation, attracting participants and guests from around the globe. MoCCA's mission is grounded in the belief that comic and cartoon art are an integral part of our lives, serving as a tool to educate young and old about the past, present and future. The museum provides a comprehensive opportunity to view some of the greatest creative achievements within the genre. We want you to have a great time at the festival, but remember the important work MoCCA does year round.

MoCCA is not only all about comic and cartoon art, but it also is about you. As a non-for-profit museum, we must count on you to help. The museum is a year round activity that takes both time and financial support. To keep MoCCA moving forward, we need everyone's help. Therefore, please join as a member, purchase a T-shirt or original sketch, or become a volunteer.

MoCCA Fest - 2009 promises once again to bring together some of the finest creators in the in the world of graphic novels, comics, and animation. Thanks to all those who once again have offered to cosponsor this event. Of course, our museum and festival would not exist without our volunteers, trustees, board of advisors and members. I personally want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication. I look forward to seeing you all at the festival.


Ellen S. Abramowitz
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - MoCCA