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Domingos Isabelinho On The Tintin Au Congo Commentary
posted February 19, 2010

Frankly I don't understand your brief comment re. Bienvenu Mbutu Mondodo's letter to the king of the Belgians. I expected the racist comments on the Belgian site, but you're an American. The racial problem is a lot more acute in America than it is in Europe (as we know, European colonialism is a fiction, it never happened people, come on!; who knows why this poor misquided soul is outraged?!). America as come a long way since Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King (or so it seems from where I stand, but I could be a victim of American popaganda, who knows?). You can't be serious if you express doubts about this. Herge is a sacred cow to comics fans, I know, but there are way more serious matters than comics (no joke intended) and this is one of them...