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Bill Roundy On Various Diary Of A Teenage Girl Events (PR)
posted March 23, 2010

I wanted to make sure you heard about the adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner's graphic novel "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" into an Off-Broadway play. There are details here: Performances are going on now, but the official opening is March 28.

There's also a display of some of the original art from the book in the lobby of the theater. The official opening of the exhibit is this Wednesday, March 24, at 6pm. After that, the Tube is open to the public 10am-8pm Monday-Friday (10-6 on Tuesday), and for an hour before showtime on Saturdays & Sundays.

If you could mention the exhibit's opening, or the run of the play on Comics Reporter, I'd really appreciate it. There's some more info about the exhibit opening here:

I've attached the official press release, along with two images that are in the show, and two photos of the 3LD's crazy space-age lobby.