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Danny Ceballos On Before Before Watchmen There Was Spain Rodriguez
posted April 25, 2012


I'm really enjoying your SPAIN VS. BEFORE WATCHMEN posts, brilliant idea!

Our corporate overlords need to be reminded from time to time that we see through their legal double-speak and empty hearts and that not everyone or everything can be owned by them. And also that their comics just plain suck.

For your pleasure I scanned my favorite Spain comic cover: MEAN BITCH THRILLS (I apologize for my shitty scanner, as the colors are slightly off) I found this comic in Encinitas, CA in a shop called DUCKY WADDLES. It cost me all of $5, because it is wrinkled by water damage, and it was worth every penny.

Art by SPAIN and Written by ALGERNON BACKWASH (sic)

Have a great day!