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Douglas Wolk on Fall 2007
posted August 19, 2007

Really intriguing list today, Tom!

Besides a bunch of your selections (the Ben Katchor, "Terry & the Pirates," "MW," "Scott Pilgrim IV"), I'm psyched to see Brian Chippendale's "Maggots" (saw the original it's reproduced from about six months ago, and wanted to spend hours staring at it), the Peter Kuper "Spy Vs. Spy" collection, the Walt & Skeezix oversized Sundays collection (which I bought at Comic-Con and haven't gotten to read yet), Jules Feiffer's "Explainers," the Rian Hughes retrospective, "Age of Bronze" vol. 3, "Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster," the Rodolphe Topffer collection (sitting on my bookshelf already), and very possibly the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen "Black Dossier"...