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January 6, 2019

Bundled Extra: John Porcellino Writes About The Move Away From His Small-Press Distribution Work



John's a pretty ideal blogger: forthcoming, natural voice, and full of information about items of importance starting with the fantastic comics he makes and continuing into the sometimes-remarkable comics he finds to distribute in idiosyncratic times sales-wise. It's a miracle he's been able to do some good work in this tough area, and despite the unlikely nature of that success it's even better he plans to spend more time post-50 making his great comics and doing things of a personal nature. There's no more admirable artist or industry figure in comics, and everything he chooses to do should be supported.

Porcellino's latest issue of his long-running King-Cat Comics & Stories and his most recent collection From Lone Mountain were among the best comics of 2018.
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