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January 13, 2014

Bundled Extra: Marvel Announces Re-Vamped Ultimates Line

I should probably mention that Marvel has announced the shape of its latest Ultimate Line revamp a) before it gets too far in the rearview mirror, b) because I have a really bad habit of skipping mainstream comics publishing news entirely, c) I already made reference to this story, noting that its announcement right after the Image Expo cut into that event's "cycle dominance" when it came to PR.

There are a couple of things worth noting beyond the storyline implications for the sake of narrative payoffs. The Miles Morales Spider-Man character seems to stand tall as the flagship character, which makes sense and that's a good character for them. Michel Fiffe is involved; he's best known for the wild, self-published Copra and will be writing the Ultimates title. The line is only three titles wide, which might actually help in terms of enticing a reader to commit to the group of them -- that sounds manageable by most standards. That line's roles as a place to revamp characters has become lost a bit as the successful parts of the initial line's reworking have made their way back into the core Marvel titles, but the Cloak And Dagger featured in the imagery through the link feels like the exact kind of thing a line like this could do for Marvel as a place to develop characters -- that's not a characterization, even as roughly realized here, that would come easy to a continuity-heavy version of the Marvel books.
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