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February 20, 2018

Bundled Extra: Marvel Re-Shuffles Deckchairs On The Helicarrier

I'm kidding. Come on! If this winter is going to last 37,000 days, I have to make jokes. Here's Graeme McMillan on Marvel's first line-shuffle of the CB Cebulski era.

imageHere's the thing, though. It's difficult not to kid the entertainment giant at least a little bit when 1) they call their new publishing shuffle a "fresh start" and the characters being used average about 45 years of publishing life, and 2) all the catchphrases and promises touting this new initiative sound exactly the same as the last half-dozen once-new initiatives. I'm not the worst with Marvel's characters and I'm not sure beyond a few obvious new characters narrowing the window I could tell you what year the accompanying art was made.

That doesn't mean I think failure is around the corner. Marvel's recent decisions, which I would call more conservative than progressive by a significant margin, should give them the kind of modest boost in the marketplace that comes when things are run with a steady hand, and might even get that extra boost that comes when talent plays to company strengths like the comic-book audience's general fondness for the Marvel characters. If the talent can execute, a new and improved same-old same-old could even buy Marvel enough time to find a special project or two that really works and allows a foundation around which the next few years of overall branding in publishing could be built: the next Marvel Knights, the next Marvels.

We'll see how damaged the system has become by June or July, I think.
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