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June 22, 2015

Bundled Extra: Two From Kelly Sue DeConnick

imageThe writer Kelly Sue DeConnick made two announcements over the weekend at HeroesCon in Charlotte well worth noting.

The first is that after the sprawling Secret Wars event series at Marvel, she will no longer be writing the Captain Marvel character in whatever form its solo comic is currently taking or due to take (my apologies; I have a hard time tracking comic book series at Marvel). In other words, she's done writing the character, which she's done since July 2012. During that time, Captain Marvel moved from intermittent and solid supporting character to intellectual property first-teamer, including a planned solo movie. The Carol Corps, an emerging group of fans devoted to the character primarily but not restricted to this most recent iteration, was another aspect of DeConnick's run which made business folks, fellow creators and pop-culture historians stand up and notice.

Given the recent thrust of DeConnick's career towards creating work that she owns with corresponding creative and financial benefit, it's a surprise that she's continued with the character for as long as she has.

DeConnick also announced a project with artist Bill Sienkiewicz called Parisian White, or at least that its title for now. That would be for Image Comics, and should debut in 2016 according to what I heard, but I could be wrong.
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