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January 28, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied and Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

This is our clearinghouse for publishing news, particularly that which kind of randomly sifts to the surface without the oomph of a major press release. I'm always interested in .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) although I can't always guarantee they'll get a mention in here.

* Matt Maxwell has moved his Strangeways work over to Comic Book Resources.

* keeping with people named Matt, Matt Kindt previews pages from a forthcoming Giant Man book. (via) That's a panel from the work up top.

* Rodrigo Baeza calls attention to this portion of a recent Diana Schutz profile:
"The next art book on my plate, by the way, is The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen, which is hugely exciting. Denis is primarily known, I think, as the publisher of Kitchen Sink Press, but people forget that he's an amazing cartoonist, one of the major figures of the underground comics movement -- well, I haven't forgotten, and 'Oddly' will collect most of Denis's comics art, including some really obscure pieces that you'd just never be able to find nowadays."
I like Denis' comics, and that should be a fun book.

image* speaking of publishing news that came to my attention in an interview, Dean Mullaney announced a little more than two weeks ago that Rip Kirby will join the Library of American Comics series from IDW. Here's Mullaney on the general studios goings-on:
"Bruce Canwell and I are finishing up the final two Terry books, and working on the next few volumes of Little Orphan Annie. Then, I'm taking over as editor and designer of IDW's Dick Tracy with volume 7 -- just in time to play in the sandbox with BB Eyes, Pruneface, Flattop, Mrs. Pruneface, The Mole, and the heyday of Chester Gould's gallery of grotesque rogues. After that, I have The Complete Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond which we're shooting from syndicate proofs (!) and the official Bringing Up Father with the Sunday pages in color."
I'm guessing from it being posted in several places there has since been a formal press release, but that compact graph should give you a better overall idea of that group's plans -- for instance, I wasn't fully aware they were doing Bringing Up Father. Does everyone hate Cliff Sterrett now?

* I hadn't quite all the way, quiz me in public known there were new print books out for the Gunnerkrigg Court and Devil's Panties webcomics series, although it make total sense that they would have print iterations.

* I'm told they've started to get copies of that Humbug collection in the Fantagraphics offices. In fact, I put that here about seven days ago, so this thing should be imminent. Hooray!

* the cartoonist Nick Mullins wrote in to remind us that Dover has published Lynd Ward's Vertigo, which I totally missed.

* I suppose this is the place I should make note of the Uderzo family dispute arising from the sale to Hachette, which I suppose could have an effect on the future of the Asterix property.

* finally, some happy news: Darryl Cunningham is bringing back CR favorites Super-Sam and John of the Night in a new adventure, previewed here. That's a panel from the preview at the bottom of this post.

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