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March 4, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied and Stacked


* did I somehow miss the colossally symbolic news whereby the LA Weekly dropped Life In Hell? That's like... I'm not sure what that's like. Maybe ABC dropping Monday Night Football a couple of years ago, but if Monday Night Football had the reputation of Hill Street Blues or The Sopranos? I want Matt Groening to do Life In Hell for as long as he wants in whatever paper he wants, and if there's some underground army I can join to help ensure this happens, someone please e-mail me. Finally, a reason newspapers should be saved.

image* back in the world of comic books and trade collections of same, IDW may have had the most announcement-lade WonderCon with news of a complete Rocketeer book, word that they'll be doing a Family Circus book, and details released on a forthcoming new comic book about President Barack Obama. I'm sick of Obama books, but I thought IDW's was straightforward and classy and actually had value beyond the "Look, Obama!" part of it. I wouldn't mind seeing more. Plus, you know, holy crap, a complete Rocketeer.

* there will be a Pat Mills-centric issue of the 2000 AD small press publication Zarjaz.

* here's some good news: the Final Crisis hardcover will include material from a couple of the spin-off magazines that will make that recent crossover a bit easier to understand in that form.

* the ghost that collects.

* does anyone know if this forthcoming Glenn Dakin trilogy is comics?

image* the USS Catastrophe shop is back. Please note the very reasonable and plainly-stated guidelines as to when you can expect stuff to be shipped. Of huge interest to readers of this blog is the relase of the next chapter of Kevin Huizenga's Rumbling story that started in the now-canceled solo anthology title Or Else.

* here's an announcement that Digger will be spinning off of the Graphic Smash site into its own dedicated one. I think that's the webcomics equivalent of straight-up publishing news. If it isn't, it should be.

* finally, Fox Atomic will now apparently work with Boom! on releasing comics-related material, I guess many more than the intermittent graphic novel offerings they've spooned up thus far on their own.
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