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April 1, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied and Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* I have no particular reason to stick a scan of Luba's cover on top of this post except that it's a monster book that's basically beginning its long drop as I write this and I consider Gilbert Hernandez a future Greatest Living Cartoonist.

image* Doug Gray wrote in on a slightly different matter and let drop that he's been working on comics cult-classic and famously aborted series Eye of Mongombo again. I of course strong-armed him into letting me release early details here: he's re-written up to issue #5 from the previous series and wants to have the second half written and artwork started by the end of the year, hoping for eventual one and done book publication.

* speaking of folks that have been gone for a while, I have a note next to my computer that Jack Katz has a new book coming out. I have no idea if it's true or if it is where the hell I would have learned about such a thing, but 1) that would be awesome, 2) please let it not be telepathy.

* Update: BobH writes in to say: "You have to wonder about an industry where Jack Katz can have a new book scheduled to come out from a major organization like the Hero Initiative and someone who runs a major site about comics is only vaguely aware of it...
Jack Katz, creator of the epic, independent series, The First Kingdom, has teamed with The Hero Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to helping out comic creators in need, to bring you Katz' new graphic novel Legacy. Following the death of Gavin LeClare, the family fortune -- $70 billion dollars -- is bequeathed not to the family, but to one Silvia Alogo, an unknown Hispanic woman that doesn't speak English. Enter Barney Barrett, insurance investigator, brought in to unravel the mystery of the LeClare estate. What Barrett discovers could make or break the LeClare family fortune -- and the evidence he uncovers could have deadly consequences! A tale of corporate greed, family betrayal, love lost, and love found, Legacy is told in the classic style of Hogarth, Eisner, and Foster. 100pgs SRP: $14.95."
I was right: that sounds awesome! Thanks, Bob! Screw that uninformed idiot running the major comics site, whoever he is.

* Arthur is serializing Farel Dalrymple's sequel to Pop Gun War on-line.

* Tom Neely is releasing a small collection of his comic strip poems called brilliantly ham-fisted.

* look at the Melvin the Monster book one of D&Q's army of interns is reading. I know I'm not setting any records for advance news this time out, but: pretty!

* speaking of our friends to the North, did you know that the next book in D&Q's Petits Livres series features Lynda Barry's near-sighted monkeys (see below)? If I knew this, I forgot it.

* an author's note in a recent issue of Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze indicates that he and Skottie Young will be adapting the second book in the Oz trilogy, The Marvelous Land of Oz for Marvel; the mainstream comics publisher is currently serializing in eight parts their shot at Wonderful Wizard of Oz. That's probably common knowledge in a lot of place but not places I'm likely to go.

* finally, it's been brought to my attention that two more cartoonists have confirmed it's likely they'll not be working in the traditional comic book format for the conceivable future: Seth, for whom it's noted in the biography that appears in the new Doug Wright book that his Palooka-ville will be changing to a hardcover format; and Ted Stearn, who said on Inkstuds that future adventures of Fuzz and Pluck might appear in MOME. I suppose I could be reading the Seth thing incorrectly, but I thought it worth noting. That is one dead format.


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