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April 14, 2010

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Steve Bissette has announced a major new project with his portion of the divvied-up 1963 universe. I'm not sure how to boil that news down, to be honest -- you should just go read the announcement if you're interested. It's all there.

* the big news for the general comics media since I last posted this column is the announcement at WonderCon that the Jim Lee/Frank Miller effort All-Star Batman and Robin has transmogrified into a six-issue mini-series called Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, due to start in February. The last issue of the previous series came out in 2008. Originally intended as a big-name series to which shop owners could point casual customers roughly aware of the films and other media efforts for the character, the All-Star title quickly established itself as a frequently hilarious, demented and I would posit wholly inaccessible take on the caped crusader.

image* the nice folks at Cartoon Books have revealed their cover for the next issue of RASL. I really enjoy RASL in a way I don't enjoy any other comic right now.

* it looks like Del Rey has decided not to continue forward with a second volume of X-Men: Misfits, the superhero/shojo blend comic.

* Eric Powell, he of one-time Eisner Awards dominance, is spinning of his Goon character Buzzard into his own mini-series.

* the cartoonist and writer Jeff Lemire says that he'll be working on established DC properties.

* Vanguard announces plans for Adams, Frazetta books this summer. The Frazetta book is one of those titles I think a lot of publishers have considered doing or even pursued doing to a certain extent at one time or another.

* this summer's forthcoming X-Women project seems like one out of its natural time in a lot of was, although this preview indicates it's been in the hopper since 2006. But Milo Manara drawing from a Chris Claremont script and it being a special project where those creators simply doing an X-Men-related book is supposed to drive interest, all of that sounds like 1996 to me. Still, I'll look at it. Manara cracks me up.

* I don't run as much news about on-line comics debuts as I might if I knew enough about on-line comics to tag which ones look good and which one don't without reading months' worth of work, but even I know a comics effort by John Kerschbaum is bound to be at least worth watching if not outright awesome.

* a comic by Jaime Hernandez is an even greater no-brainer.

* in licensing rescue news, it looks like Seven Seas has picked up Gunslinger Girl from ADV and Blood Alone from Infinity. Not familiar with the latter but the former, like most of the ADV efforts, is quite slick and seems like it might have a potential wider audience. I remember it was something about little girls as killer-assassins with adult handlers, and just about as creepy without sliding into debauched porn as you might imagine with that premise.

* Christoper Baldwin brings Little Dee to a close.

* finally, has more on that massive anniversary of Doonesbury book coming out later this year from Andrews McMeel: 13 percent or so of all strips Trudeau's done, 650+ pages, $100 retail (I'm guessing $65-$70 at an on-line buyer), 18 (!!) essays from Trudeau. The book roared over the horizon in an interview the Washington Post ran with the cartoonist. Sounds like a must-buy to me.

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