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August 9, 2011

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon


* Sparkplug Comics announced the imminent arrival of Passage, a 32-page comic from acclaimed mini-comics maker Tessa Brunton. Brunton talks about getting a box of her new comic book in the mail here.

* in more always-welcome news about cartoonists of whom I'm only dimly aware making comic book debuts, Top Shelf has solicited an 80-page stand-alone book from Jennifer Hayden called Underwire.

image* while waiting out publishing delays on their much anticipated Carter Family biography to shake loose, Dave Lasky and Frank Young made a graphic novel about the Oregon Trail. I would have just sat around and complained a lot.

* I'm not certain if the idea of selling all of DC's September re-launch comics for $104 after tax is an idea that more stores are considering and not just The Beguiling, or if DC endorses it or not, but that strikes me as a really good idea.

* I keep on forgetting to link to this very good news for a lot of comics fans from a couple of weeks back: Raina Telgemeier will follow up her briskly selling and Eisner winning Smile with a book called Drama. It's due in Fall 2012, and as it's about the rich subject of young theater geeks, I imagine it has a chance to sell very, very well.

* not comics: I'm a fiend for cartoonist-made postcards (Jordan Crane and Tom Gauld are particular favorites), so word that Chronicle has released a book of cards featuring work from Paul Hornschemeier is great news.

* this is interesting, if I'm reading it correctly: Lewis Trondheim is conducting some sort of virtual cartoonists' workshop through the pages of Spirou.

* I'm not certain I knew a new Jason book was coming out as soon as two months from now. It looks like an odds and ends book with a lot of relative Jason rarities.

* Von Allan is asking for your help in spreading the word about his Stargazer, Vol. 2.

* Bill Day is the latest cartoonist to join Cagle Cartoons.

* Austin English is working on a new story called My Friend Perry.

* hey, there's a new issue of kuš! out. It features Latvian artists from other fields making comics.

* via the 211 Bernard blog comes word of two not-comics publishing projects that I completely missed: a new Yeti is out; McSweeney's has a kids book line.

* nobody answer him so we keep getting these previews.

* Cole Moore Odell and Patrick Ford both wrote in about my confusion over how Kirby's run on Green Arrow could support a new omnibus edition, each of them pointing out that the book also contains all of the random (meaning non-Challengers Of The Unknown) work that Kirby did for DC back in the 1950s. Thanks, guys.

* here's good news from the writing-about-comics perspective: a new issue of Charlton Spotlight will drop this Fall after a three-year hiatus. (thanks, John Vest)

* finally, congratulations to Doug TenNapel on bringing his 150-page Ratfist to an end in its on-line serialization iteration.


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