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September 27, 2011

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon


* hey, there's a new Kevin Huizenga mini-comic out. These other two new minis feature Huizenga work as well.

* if I'm reading this correctly, the Dargaud effort on behalf of DC will be called "Urban Comics."

image* Darryl Cunningham has finished the guts of his next book.

* Paul Gravett walks us through major November releases.

* I don't run as much webcomics-related publishing news as I should. Here's a press release about a site designed to foster lists of webcomics users are reading, I think so that others might pick up comics to read from those lists. Here's a webcomic I hadn't seen before, Peter Quach's Freedman.

* this forthcoming Forbes-published biography of a segment of Steve Jobs' life has sure been getting a lot of promotional mentions, but I guess it's worth noting that it's coming out.

* me wanty department: Dynamite is doing a Howard Chaykin art book.

* it's not comics, but any new magazine called Illustrators will be welcome around my house.

* here's intriguing word of a long-delayed graphic novel featuring the Man-Thing character by the late writer Steve Gerber and the artist Kevin Nowlan.

* Geoff Grogan posts a bunch of updates as to future plans.

* Ryan Cody is running a slightly different kind of Kickstarter campaign, in support of his Icarus.

* Ed Piskor's Wizzywig has finished up its on-line serialization and will be published on paper by Top Shelf next year.

* Sean Philips is showing off work from Fatale, a forthcoming project with Ed Brubaker.

* I guess some folks might laugh at Marvel angling to get the character Valkyrie over in some fashion, but they've done a good job managing certain characters that way, she has a nice look and decent skill-set, and that company could use a few more B-list female protagonists.

* Johanna Draper Carlson caught that Sarah Becan is giving away the sixth issue of her Shuteye series to owners of issues #1-5.

* finally, Chris Arrant places into context an imminent, translated-to-English work by the artist Trevor Hairsine.



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