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October 7, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Diana Tamblyn is now selling her From the Earth to Babylon: Gerald Bull and the Supergun here. That's the last 50 copies of an extremely limited (200 copies) first run. That book was popular at SPX. There is a sequel planned.

image* it's Richard Thompson's birthday today, so I went to Thompson's blog and to the site that is running his now-concluded Cul De Sac. Surprise, surprise, there was new information up on the forthcoming complete Cul De Sac collection, and even an image, albeit one of those "shot at an angle" things as opposed to a beautiful, flat, cover shot. I'm glad to hear there will be some of the proto-Cul De Sac work in there. That's going to be a heck of a book, and that museum gallery opening next year sounds like a must-do event. Also, they ran an Ernesto yesterday.

* this article notes that a Frank Cho project will see publication with Delcourt before it is published for North American audiences. This kind of thing never surprises me; it's a really stacked talent field right now, so any way these works get out is something of a miracle.

* this post over at 4thletter! says that Marvel is ending another stab at a "Scarlet Spider" character, a kind of in-continuity alternate Spider-Man made possible because of the Conway/Andru era's use of clones in the overarching Spider-Man storyline. It's hard to fathom that in today's market, which is so fragmented to begin with, that most riffs on a core character are going to get over for any significant length of time, at least not as full-time serial comic books. I'm sure there are billion exceptions to that rule, though.

* Sammy Harkham previews next year's work.

* looks like Fantagraphics will bring its Sunday Roy Crane series to a close with the next volume.

* finally, if you're a comics fan like I'm a comics fan, you'll be glad to hear that Mineshaft is doing a 30th issue. They're the best. I love it when that publication shows up in my mailbox. This is one of two Crumb pieces they're running now on their site in anticipation of that issue.

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