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October 10, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* hey, this is good news; new issue of Sugar Booger out in time for BCGF.

image* Dave Sim and IDW have signed a deal to do a hard copy version of the audio digital High Society project. That's good news; I'd like Sim to find a publishing arrangement that works for him. I never thought Sim was in any danger of being driven out of comics, and believed he was going to have very little problem finding a publishing partner. Having respected industry vets divert travel to see you and their willingness to have it announced on the web site you control really drives that home. In case you missed it, Sim announced a covers book with IDW over the weekend in much the same fashion. One thing that's interesting to me is whether or not Sim remains unwilling to more fully commit to an elaborate series of books. I think he'd be leaving a lot of sales on the table that way. I don't think of Cerebus as a creative achievement that encourages specific strip-mining.

* so there will apparently be a crime comics line at Dynamite, creators to include Garth Ennis and Andy Diggle. That sounds fun.

* I'm sure there's going to be a ton of news and even new book announced at NYCC. That show seems a natural for such announcements, and even though I'm not all the way sure the focus on comics and publishing is such that the show facilitates that kind of attention to the degree it could, I can't imagine not having a ton of stuff for this space next week. The debut that jumps out at me was the collector's edition of the second color Scott Pilgrim volume. That seems to put into one place like 50 different threads of recent comics history, including the new appetite for very expensive, exclusive editions.

* Tom Sniegoski will be doing more Vampirella comics for that same publisher.

* Michael Cavna profiles the Dustin strip as a publishing enterprise.

* finally, I'm going to assume that everyone but me knew that Tom Scioli was serializing his follow-up to American Barbarian on-line. It's called Final Frontier, and you have to scroll past a short comic to start into it, but the short is pretty good, too.

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