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November 14, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* above is the final cover for the D+Q take on the Aya series, first published as what would have been six books and then re-formatted into two. This is the material that hasn't been seen as of yet in the smaller volumes.

image* another one of those conversation books is coming, this time with great comics conversationalist Dave Sim. I don't know if my work is in there that I did with Dave for TCJ, as I don't own that stuff. My tendency is to not provide interviews for such books, though, although I'm not exactly sure why I feel that way.

* the Spit And A Half Books distributorship is always adding new works.

* Forbidden Planet International celebrates next summer's publication of Peppy And Virginny In Lapinoland by Fantagraphics.

* this project sounds sort of gross, although I keep reading the articles hoping that a joke will suggest itself about the lower-level Marvel employees being forced to kill each other for a job during one of Marvel's post-hit movie purges.

* here's a lengthy response from Reprodukt on the question of how they choose forthcoming projects. I thinks it's a truly different world now in that getting out and publishing your own work is paramount rather than just another strategy. A lot of these companies have so many options that digging through the horrors of a submissions pile is never going to match getting an impression from what people are seeing out there and then pursuing the best of it.

* check out this alternate cover for Fionna And Cake #1 by Ethan Rilly.

* finally, Rich Tommaso sent out a mass e-mail saying that November is when he buckles down to work, and this includes running through some cover designs for a next work.

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