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April 25, 2016

Bundled, Tossed, Untied & Stacked: Publishing News

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* most of the ROM comics I read as a kid were pretty brutally unexceptional, although as an adult I have a greater appreciation for some of the art that appeared in the series. A relaunch would seem to me no big deal, although I'm sure there are people that love the character ahead of all things. ROM's design is sleek and intriguing in the lack of facial features -- we should get some nice art out of it like this image at left.

* here's the most interesting publishing news story of the week from where I sit: Karl Stevens will assist Dave Sim
with some extra material to be folded into The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond, the forthcoming IDW book.

* both The Outhousers and Bleeding Cool last week twitter-tracked a hiatus announcement for the Image title Rat Queens. That title has had a dramatic publishing history. Writer Kurtis Wiebe parted ways with artist Roc Upchurch after the latter's domestic violence arrest, and then lost replacement artist Stjepan Sejic in 2015 due to health reasons. Tess Fowler became artist afterwards, with Tamra Bonvillain serving as colorist.

The series was apparently in mid-storyline at the time of its hiatus, which frequently leads to negative fan reaction from those who see the offering of serial issues as an agreement by the creator aimed at those that purchase the books that storylines will be concluded. I don't think a refined, official reason has yet been given for Wiebe's decision. With its cast of ribald female adventurers in a standard fantasy setting, Rat Queens found an audience that some extremely conservative market watchers might have suggested wasn't there.

* finally, here's a preview of the Donya Todd book with Avery Hill Publisher, Buttertubs.

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