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June 9, 2014

By Request/Bundled Extra: Julia Wertz Puts Up Massive Pre-Ordering Post For Fall 2014 Book


The cartoonist Julia Wertz has put up a big post here so that she might secure some pre-orders for her Fall 2014 book Museum Of Mistakes, which will collect 400 pages of her comics work, including a bunch of out-of-print or otherwise obscure work.

While that's a publishing news story, and I originally planned to run it tomorrow in the "Bundled" column, I wanted to pull it out into its own post for a few reasons. Wertz describes in pretty thorough detail how she sells books along with various incentive items as the way she makes money off of a small press effort like that one. It's an interesting essay, one that I think will be of interest to cartoonists wanting to maximize how they sell their copies of work, one that may be instructive for those wishing to take more of what money they're owed by a publisher in trade, and one that may be informative for people like me that don't know a ton about what cartoonoists do in certain parts of comics in order to make as much money as possible from these kinds of efforts.
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