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October 24, 2019

By Request Extra: Defense Fund Raised On Behalf Of Those Sued by Cody Pickrodt Could Use Assistance

According to this tweet by Rob Clough and subsequent statements by Clough and Hazel Newlevant, it looks like the defense fund generated to defray legal costs by a group of comics community members sued by Cody Pickrodt is running out of money, and could use additional funding. The bulk of the money from the public sphere came in 2018. In his tweet, Clough identifies three members of the original group of 11 as being in specific need of additional support. In a follow-up tweet, defendant Hazel Newlevant describes in rough terms the resources situation.

I hope that you'll join me in making a donation. I think it's important that lawsuits aren't allowed to facilitate a chilling effect on speech based largely -- if not solely -- on the resources involved and on political positioning. Please consider a new or additional gift, and thank you to those who have both through this Fund and in other ways.
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