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September 28, 2009

Carlos Roume, 1923-2009


Carlos Roume, the talented Argentinian artist whose work with Hector Oesterheld is held in particular high regard, died last week. Although he had made public appearances over the last five years according to documentation found through the eternautas yahoo mailing list, Roume was well into his eighties.

imageLike many of the best South American cartoonists, Roume worked in other fields and bounced back and forth between the South American and European art markets in his flush period. Although he was a published illustrator in his early 20s and was well-ensconced in advertising by his mid-20s, his first comics work can be traced to the serial "Lapacho Juan" in the Argentinian magazine Patoruzito in I believe. He found a niche as an adapter of great adventure novels such as Moby Dick, and by the early years of the next decade received a co-creator credit for Sabu, one of many Tarzan-like adventure serials popular at the time. In the late 1950s, Roume began collaborating with Hector Oesterheld and working for his magazine Hora Cero. Their collaborations included Nahuel Barros and Tipp Kenya.

Roume enjoyed a parallel career as an artist for Fleetway in the UK, contributing art to serials such as Dick Daring (in Thriller Picture Library), Kit Carson (in Cowboy Picture Library), and Rodney Stone (in Ranger and others). He also later found a home in the Italian market through seminal comics-publishing kid publication Il Corriere dei Piccoli in such features as Hayawatha and Alazzan. I believe he later moved back into illustration.

A full episode of Nahuel Barros was reprinted by Domingos Isabelino here; the critic wrote about the artist here. There is a magnificent smattering of his published material available at this blog focusing I believe on Spanish-language story comics.


as with all obituaries that involve looking at words not in English, any help in adjusting any of the above is appreciated
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