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July 20, 2007

Cartoonist Confesses to Not Graduating

This article on folks lying about their academic careers has a strange focus: the cartoonist Lee Hyeon-se, a college dropout that had lied about it in an early interview and kept the lie as part of his resume. I say strange because I can't imagine any advantage a cartoonist would gain by having people think they received a college degree over their being a drop-out or getting kicked out of the first grade or something. In fact, if St. Peter gives me a quiz on education levels of cartoonists after I kick the bucket, I'm likely going straight to hell. A cartoonist might as well have told a lie about whether or not they rode a horse. If you think about it, most lies about resume stuff -- even those that pop up in the American comics industry -- are there to press some sort of unfair career advantage. Does Korea have an active bias towards non college-educated artists or something?
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