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July 22, 2008

CCI Shopping Tip: Eight To Check Out

What gets lost at times concerning the forthcoming giant industry show in San Diego is what a great little place it can be to buy books -- or at least check them out if you pre-ordered them from your comics shop. While what makes that show really fun for finding books is the stuff you don't hear about until you're on the floor -- like last year's Jon Vermilyea effort Princes of Time -- here are eight I know about in advance I'll be checking out.

From The Shadow Of The Northern Lights, Various, Top Shelf Productions, Booth 1721
I'm greatly enjoying this rough-and-tumble anthology of Swedish comics that Top Shelf's carrying -- I think they got it because Chris Staros forged a relationship with the publication's makers on the ground at a regional convention over there. If I'm totally wrong about this being out, you might direct your attention to the new Alex Robinson book, Too Cool To Be Forgotten, which a lot of people will enjoy.

Permagel, Charles Burns, Buenaventura Press, Booth 1732
Get ready for this Fall's big release of the Giant-Sized new volume of Kramer's Ergot by getting a beautiful, over-sized Charles Burns import. Buenaventura Press always has one of the three or four must-see booths of the show because of the number of beautiful prints it offers. It's fun just looking at that stuff, and a lot of it has to be seen in person. So does this book.

How To Draw Stupid, Kyle Baker, Watson-Guptill, Booth 1607/1706 (Vanguard)
I'm picking up one of these for an artist friend of mine that asked me to get one for his kid, or at least I'm on orders to do so; Kyle Baker's how-to book would I imagine the potential to be a lot of fun. He's signing this at the Vanguard booth a couple of times, which makes me think that's the best place to pick it up.

Various Sketchbooks, Various Artists, Stuart Ng Books, Booth 5012/5014/5016/5018/5020
One of the secret shopping destinations on the exhibition floor for a lot of us is Stuart Ng Books, and one of their distinct offerings is a bunch of limited-edition sketchbooks. I'll take a look at all of them, including the one containing the image above from Ricardo Delgado.

Jamilti, Rutu Modan, Drawn & Quarterly, Booth 1529/1628
Lynda Barry's What It Is is D&Q's big book for the year, and if you don't have one the opportunity to get one signed by Barry should be incentive enough to get in line over at their booth. Another guest of the show is Rutu Modan, whose Jamilti will also be out, and that's the one book I'm dying to see in final printed form. There's new Aya, too, if you haven't heard. Basically, go to this table.4

Abandoned Cars, Tim Lane, Fantagraphics, Booth 1716/1718/1720/1722
Venerable alt-comics institution Fantagraphics will have a few dozen advance copies of this book for sale at the show, and it's a lovely package of some very evocative cartooning from someone arriving from out of left field. No one should have this many good comics under their belt without my knowing who they are. I know now.

Goddess of War #1, Lauren Weinstein, PictureBox Inc., Booth 1630
PictureBox publisher Dan Nadel lied to my face at HeroesCon about this book's imminent arrival in my mailbox, but I've seen a friend's copy and Lauren Weinstein's latest looks like a lot of fun.

The Quest For The Missing Girl, Jiro Taniguchi, Fanfare/Ponent Mon, C04
Finally, given its November release date I'd guess this is more of a look-at than an advance-buy deal, but I'm certainly going to tromp over to the Fanfare/Ponent Mon booth to check out this forthcoming release by Jiro Taniguchi -- even if I can't take it home with me.
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