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August 14, 2016

Charlie Hebdo Magazine Back In The News For Riss Cover Featuring Naked Muslims, Resulting In Threats

There's a decent, succinct summary of concerns about the latest Charlie Hebdo cover here. The cover being questioned is by Riss and apparently relates to the Burkini ban. Dozens of threats were received on-line.

An assault on the Charlie Hebdo offices on January 7, 2015, believed to be related to the magazine's publication on its cover and within its pages of satirical images of Muhammed, led to the death of 11 people working there and one close by. Eleven others in the building were injured. Five more people were killed in wider attacks linked to the initial massacre.

At the time I'm posting this I can't find the image, but I'm sure it's everywhere by the time you're seeing this roll out on your screen. I pray the story has ended rather than progressed by the time I'm able to get back on the site, but I'm not completely optimistic.

Update: Found a copy of the cover image and it's here if you want to look at it and not feel like you're negotiating providing hits to whatever political site has it up. I don't see the specifics of the image being at issue beyond their role as provocation, not yet. The story may progress that way, which will likely call for a different approach.)
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