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July 14, 2012

Chip Kidd Announces Volume By Gay Bondage Manga Master Gengoroh Tagame Through PictureBox


Designer and author Chip Kidd announced today that he'll be designing a collection of works featuring Gengoroh Tagame to be published in Spring 2013 by PictureBox Inc. Kidd will design the volume, to be called: The Passion Of Gengoroh Tagame: Bara Master. Edmund White will contribute the introduction.

PictureBox describes Tagame's work as legendary in its press material, noting the high pass-along rate of non-translated works in those communities interested in bondage and pornography. This will be his first North American collection, after seeing publication in several European markets. This will be the first English-language collection for the cartoonist.

The book will be oversized, and feature ten short stories from the 15 or so years. It will also feature an original, never-before-seen work commission by Kidd for this collection.

Translator and producer Anne Ishii brought the project to the attention of Dan Nadel at PictureBox when she was translating Kidd's personal collection of Tagame material. Ishii will provide translation for this book in addition to serving as producer; Graham Kolbeins is working on what Nadel calls "providing cultural context."

"I'm very excited about this book," Dan Nadel told CR "I'd never heard of Tagame, and wasn't even aware of his work, but as soon as I saw it I could tell that both the drawing and the storytelling were extraordinary. There's a velocity to the narratives and highly personal intensity to the drawing that comes through immediately. The more Anne showed me the more I began to think of Tagame like I would the other artists I publish: a sui generis talent, delineating his vision via comics. It'll be a stunning object when it's all done."

Nadel says he hopes to count on the scanlation/downloading community for support, as well as advocates for Tagame like Kidd and retailer/festival organizer Chris Butcher. While the publisher notes it's a different kind of book for his house, he hopes his readers will trust his taste and try out the book, and that working with the talented cadre of involved editors might lead to some market penetration not usually availalble to the publisher.
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