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July 20, 2005

Chit Swee Arrrested in Burma

This is so blunt and wrong that there's little to add.

According to the Reporters Sans Frontiere report, which admittedly isn't going to put the best picture on things, 65-year-old cartoonist Chit Swee, a part-time democratic party officer, was picked up in a crackdown of political opponents and opposition figures. He will hear charges on the 25th, and could be sentenced to prison. Even if freed, his cartoons would likely be banned or restricted by the country's Censorship Bureau. Swee's cartoons describe socio-economic issues and are generally run in a pair of Burmese financial magazines. The article says that Swee is being forced to sleep on a concrete floor and sickness is keeping him from eating properly.

This story is part of a distressing upswing for intolerence of political cartoons as expression both domestically and abroad, where arrests and punitive legal decisions are becoming more common.
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