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July 12, 2007

Cold Cut For Sale: The Other Side

One of the difficult things in working with a story like Cold Cut putting itself up for sale is that it's hard to really nail down the potential impact. Business like comics distributor run on assurances, and when they hit rocky times or consider a change in direction the assurances usually continue. Still, it has to be dismaying to hear that one of your business partners may is moving toward potentially going away. Simon Jones at Icarus has a publisher's reaction; Armando Milicevic looks at the retail perspective.

The thing that's odd about the story to me is that it seems to me line another downbeat comics story where no one is surprised by some crappy circumstance, and yet you look at Direct Market sales figures from 2002 and compare to them to now, or you just look at some year-end articles, or you spend some time talking to people, and it's clear that the DM is in a growth period. Shouldn't there be business opportunities in a growth period instead of wheezing, scale-downs and closures? What is it about the shape of that comics market where a boom period is felt more through articles claiming "This is a boom period!" than it is in the wallets of creators and retailers?
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