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February 25, 2013

Columbia University Libraries Acquires Elfquest Archives

imageThere's a very thorough press release here about the Columbia University Libraries acquiring the comics archives of Elfquest material for its growing comics holdings. That's the institution whose comics efforts are spearheaded by Karen Green, a regular presence for years now at comics shows and one of the key figures in comics and comics art at libraries right now.

It looks like the primary value of that archive is a massive if not complete collection of original art for the long-running series.

I think that's a fine thing to bring in-house for an institution like that, and I think they have it right that Elfquest Vol. 1 played a key role as both an independent comics project from the 1970s -- helping forge a place in the burgeoning Direct Market for non-superhero genre work guided by smaller companies -- and as a work whose primary driving force creatively was a woman. So congratulations to Green and the library and Wendy Pini and Richard Pini. I'd like to see a big chunk of that work someday up close, and it looks like I'll maybe have that chance at some future date in New York.
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