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July 27, 2011

Comic-Con’s David Glanzer On WonderCon To Anaheim Rumors

In one of his newsletters written from the floor of Comic-Con International, Mile High Comics retailer Chuck Rozanski unearthed a rumor that WonderCon may be moving to Anaheim for 2012. Looking at the CCI web site, indeed WonderCon lacks dates, so I asked Comic-Con's Director of Marketing and Public Relations David Glanzer if the rumor was true as Rozanski had reported, and WonderCon was indeed Anaheim-bound.

imageAs it turns out, Anaheim is in play, but other alternative locations are as well, San Francisco is back in play, and, most importantly, nothing's been decided yet.

Glanzer explained the ongoing process to CR, which apparently with planned renovations at traditional WonderCon facility the Moscone Center. "Typically we try to reserve a venue as far in advance as possible. We were disappointed to learn that the Moscone Center could not give us dates for 2012. It is our understanding they will be in the process of renovating the facility. We were told no dates were available to us. We were faced with the decision to either wait out a year, or try to secure another venue."

It was at this point that Anaheim came into the picture, but only as one alternative. Glanzer: "We began to look at alternative locations and Anaheim was among them. I should point out that no contract has yet been signed with any facility and just as we were in full swing with Comic-Con we received word from San Francisco that they did indeed have dates that could accommodate us."

Asked why the process hadn't been completed yet, Glanzer offered a very good excuse: all of the organization's resources were at this point devoted to the CCI event in San Diego. "Because of Comic-Con we have not had the opportunity to look at this new proposal in terms of dates or even which facility is available. So the long answer to the short question is we are uncertain as to next years dates and location for WonderCon. But we are well aware that exhibitors need to plan ahead as far as possible and the decision made needs to be the best for them, and our attendees."

I would imagine there will be a formal decision as early as possible. I liked WonderCon quite a bit the one time I attended, although it's probably the least directed at my personal kind of comics reading than any show I've been since the waning days of the old Chicago convention. One thing I liked best about it was it being right smack in San Francisco and the outside opportunities provided by the show being in one of the great North American cities. Still, you can't have a show in the middle of the street. So while I hope this a temporary or completely avoidable hiccup, it certainly makes sense for Comic-Con officials to explore alternative venues if the opportunity presents itself.
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