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January 14, 2005

Comic Shop Agony

Pam Noles writes in to point out the latest in a series of entries at The Agony Column where Rick Kleffel has been occasionally writing about his his attempts to educate himself in terms of comics. The report on a trip to Atlantis Fantasyworld is worth reading entirely, but yields two particularly interesting insights that those of us used to comic book shops might not even think about anymore.

First, Kleffel is quickly baffled by the store's set-up:
Frankly, I was quickly lost in the place, as I'm just not familiar enough with the genre to know who goes with what. I looked about and eventually just asked the gal working there where I might find the "thin" issues of Neil Gaiman or Richard K. Morgan's 'Black Widow'.

Immediately after that, Kleffel is held to a purchase limit:
Alas, when I went and grabbed the whole sack of Black Widows, the guy refused to sell them to me, since, he told, he ordered for his regular customers and didn't want to sell them out. In the end, I got one of each. Damn.

I'm not sure that I've ever run afoul of a purchase limit because I've only ever bought one, but I'm still frequently confused by the set-up of comic shops and can't imagine how baffling they must be to new readers.
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