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February 3, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* the creators-in-need group The Hero Initiative is doing another one of its original art auction projects, this time 100 covers featuring the X-Men in one of their current adventures whose name I can't remember right this second. Those are fun characters to draw, and I'm sure a lot of cool artists will participate.

* it's been very sad reading memorial posts to the late, very, very young Debra Jane Shelly. This one at the Shuster Awards site mentions a place where survivors of Shelly's have asked donations be directed.

* good news that the art being donated for an auction to benefit Stan and Sharon Sakai will be culled for a book to both call attention to and get some more money in the direction of the Sakais. It should also be a fun book, in that a lot of artists working in a variety of styles are fans of Stan Sakai's work and of the Sakais as people. I still urge direct donations if you can afford it and are so moved; I think this is another great revenue stream, but hopefully an additional one instead of one that supplants direct giving.

* I think it was Rob Clough that drove my initial attention to this mostly CCS-oriented anthology project. Dylan Horrocks mentioned this one in a Facebook post.

* finally, I imagine that more than a few people are going to be interested in how Erika Moen might do with this new crowd-funding mechanism (and underlying theories of how said funding might work). The mechanism makes sense but I'm not sure you're how it's targeted in a way that people will prefer to support that way that aren't already personally inclined to support the person in question. It's not that a platform to do that wouldn't be a good thing; I'd love a way to support a couple of artists in my life beyond writing 'em a big check at Christmas or whatever, but that's slightly divorced from the idea of crowd-funding as I understand it.
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