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April 14, 2013

Comics By Request—People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* I enjoy the work done by Mark Sable and Salgood Sam and it would be fun to see them work together on this project.

* this nice person sent me a link to their Kickstarter, a comic called GYR. Seems pretty straight-forward to me. The nice thing is when you send one of these long-running campaigns I can cut and paste it and run it on multiple column days.

* I'm still interested to see what happens to this Jason Lutes-directed project seeking crowd-funding.

* this publisher asked for "extra coverage" on their crowd-funding campaign. Really the only extra coverage I can supply a publisher doing crowd-funding is to repeat my usual bafflement that you get to be a publisher if you don't have any money to publish. I know that it's possible that this is a good arrangement for the artists involved or that there are projects where a publisher might want to do this because of their limited interest, but I really think it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the publisher to be doing enough they should be participating without our looking askance. I know many people disagree with this, but I think extra scrutiny in these cases isn't just allowable but necessary. This is true of former past bad actors in the marketplace that want to keep a hand in and it's true of promising newcomers whose offerings look really cool.

* finally, Michael May would like you to know about this kickstarter for Kill All Monsters.
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