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June 25, 2012

Comics’ Giving Heart—People, Projects In Need Of Funding

* I assume without knowing that the fundraiser to avoid a pauper's burial for the late writer and creator Robert Washington was successful enough to foster a more proper service; I hope his comics-making peers will attend if they're able.

image* here's one I can get behind from a content standpoint: a collection of Don Rosa's Captain Kentucky and Pertwillaby Papers comics. I remember those being fun comics and Rosa's an important enough cartoonist I think as much of his work should be in print as possible.

* these people were nice enough to write in and ask that some attention be given their comics-related Kickstarter. I'm almost always happy to do that, as little as that may help.

* totally missed that Steve Lafler was raising money for his tour; if you can find some way to send him money, that would be a nice thing for one of comics' old-school alt-comics warriors.

* I like the modest amount requested here. As you can see from projects like this one, there's really no set strategy for deciding what to ask in terms of what people might get paid for working on a project. At least not all the time. Even on that one, with a set amount and explicitly making paying a bulk of the creators a part of their proposal, there's a basic promise that most people will get paid but not, say, a set amount -- or at least one I could see. With the number of people involved, you'd think those things could be made explicit -- it seems like someone working on the thing would have enough time to do that. I'm a little unclear about that stuff, and need to educate myself.

* finally, here's a look-in on a project to fund a comics store through kickstarter.
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