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January 8, 2007

ComicsPRO Makes Recommendations On The Issue of Diamond Shortages

Spurred in part by recent weather-related troubles in getting the latest issue of Marvel's mega-hit Civil War onto West Coast shelves in as timely a fashion as the book was distributed to other regions of the country, the retailer advocacy group ComicsPRO has issued recommendations as to how similar situations should be dealt with in the future. If you're interested in the issue you should read the whole thing, but if you're only peripherally intrigued by Direct Market retailer issue, they are, basically:

* if less than 60 percent of a comic can be allocated, hold the comic.

* if one regional warehouse is frozen out, hold the comic.

* make public announcements about any and all allocation discrepancies in order to assuage a confused consumer base.

Two things pop to mind beyond the content of the suggestions, which sound fair to me. First, there's an element in ComicsPRO doing this which is less about pushing Diamond in this direction and more about advocating in public so that other retailers may see them doing so and hopefully agree with their stance and join. That's just the way it is with all organizations adding members. Second, it's hard not to see the issue itself as some weird hangover from the day of multiple distributors and more competition urban area to urban area, when getting books to consumers' hands by firing them through the delivery network and warehouses as quickly as possible made a certain, weird sense.
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