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July 31, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

Outside Reading

What two recent articles about book publishing have to say about comics.

Collective Memory: Jim Aparo


Links to articles about the life and passing of the American comic book stalwart.

The Comics Reporter At The Pulse
Rumors of Anaheim as CCI's future home dispelled by the San Diego convention's official, but they did talk to them.

The Comics Reporter At The Pulse
Wizard has yet to lock down dates for controversially scheduled 2006 Atlanta show; rumors indicate they may abandon that date altogether, perhaps in favor of a weekend in 2007. But, as of right now, they key words remain "rumor" and "perhaps".

Go, Read: Size Matters
Shawn Hoke has launched a review blog focused on mini-comics, which seems to me an appropriately flexible, front-lines response to that end of the medium's output. There are so few outlets for this kind of material, I thought I'd mention it here. Go Pacers!
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