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October 24, 2004

CR Sunday Magazine


Is there ever anything to be gained by thinking about a bunch of comics and then putting some on a "Best of" list? The Amadora Festival in Portugal thinks so, and the release of its "100 Best BD of the XXth Century" in conjunction with this year's gathering should be announced any day now.

imageTheir top ten has been snuck out, however: Tintin, Batman, (Kane and Miller's versions), Corto Maltese, Asterix, Maus, Little Nemo, Blueberry, Spirit, Peanuts and Krazy Kat.

As one of many comics-interested observers from around the world whose opinion was solicited for the project, CR agrees with Amadora that such lists have value -- even when no one can agree on what that value might be.

"The Comics Reporter's Top 100 Comics Works of the 20th Century" talks a bit about process and results and gives you a long list of great comics works with which to grapple... or come to your own conclusions regarding the critic.

That's the cast from the Tintin albums depicted above, and (I hope) a piece of art from a Lt. Blueberry story in the inset
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