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April 15, 2006

CR Sunday Magazine

An Interview With Renee French


If I Were In New York, I Would Go To This

Jessica Abel, Matt Madden, Bob Fingerman and Evan Dorkin reading tonight.

Go, Look: Milt Gross Cartoon Tour of NYC


thanks to everyone who suggested that via e-mail

Collective Memory: Alternative Press Expo (APE) 2006

A list of links from the first major small-press show of the season. Don't be ashamed to bypass the written reports for the photo-driven links; it's where I would go first, too. And please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

New Easter Sunday Tradition: Did Johnny Hart Greatly Offend Anyone?


Greatly? Looks like no. Maybe Nipsey Russell fans.

Not Comics: Inconceivable

I agree with Mark Evanier on this one. Also, are my brother and I the only ones who ever noticed that Dr. Emil Gargunza from the Warrior Marvelman (Miracleman) re-launch looked exactly like Penn State Head Football Coach Joe Paterno?

My Favorite Superhero Covers, Episode 1,023


The things I enjoy include: Iron Man's (all-too-frequent) haplessness, the dated situation, the fact this could be any Marvel superhero, the way the cover is staged, the fact that all the "students" look like 38-year-old extras from Mannix, and the worst corner-icon in comics history, "Iron Spaz."

If you go to the Grand Comic Book Database gallery for Iron Man, it soon becomes clear that unless you're fond of "melty," the character has had a really rough time with covers. Even stuff that almost always makes for an effective superhero cover -- extreme close-ups, graphic elements placed directly into the picture, iconic figures looming in the background -- don't seem to work with Iron Man. I have no idea why that is.

Go, Look: Excellence in Blogging

Here's a focused blog from Edward Liu on comics-related birthdays and anniversaries, which makes me largely irrelevant so don't go there or I'll cry. Chris Mautner previews the Hill & Wang graphic novels at his videogame and comics blog.

Dork #11, Due In August


I think this cover is going to look really nice. I'm blowing it up so it's totally out of focus, and Evan Dorkin may hate me now as a result, but you get the idea, I hope. Pretty colors, funny figures. He'll never admit it, but his work can be very nice to look at. Put this one on your radar.

Initial Thought of the Day

You know what's surprisingly good? Gary Groth's interview with Whoopi Goldberg that serves as an introduction to The Complete Peanuts 1959-1960. She even name drops Jules Feiffer.

Go, Make: J. Chris Campbell's Eggbot

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